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Physical Therapy Specialist
Physical therapy modalities with chiropractor Richard T. Hui, DC, PC are geared towards completely natural healing. Dr. Hui offers patients in the New York City area non-invasive physical therapy modalities such as ultrasound therapy, electrical stimulation therapy, and much more. These treatments allow for a return to full function and wellness.

Physical Therapy Q&A

What is physical therapy?

Physical therapy involves the treatment of injuries, illnesses, or long term pain via natural methods. Dr. Hui’s approach to physical therapy is entirely non-invasive and doesn't include medication or surgical procedures. Physical therapy modalities combine well with chiropractic manipulation because both approaches are focused on using the body's innate recovery powers.

How does electrical stimulation therapy work?

Electrical stimulation therapy is a physical therapy technique designed to reduce pain. With this treatment, Dr. Hui will place tiny electrode pads on the patient's skin, grouped closely in the area where the pain is a problem. The electrodes are connected to a small machine that will deliver controlled amounts of electrical current directly into the painful areas. An added perk is the treatment isn't painful. In fact, most patients find it extremely relaxing. Electrical stimulation therapy is very effective at reducing pain, relieving muscle spasticity, and decreasing swelling.

How does ultrasound therapy work?

Ultrasound therapy is a physical therapy modality designed to reduce muscle pain and movement problems. With this treatment, Dr. Hui will use an ultrasound wand to deliver healing sound waves deep within the muscles. This allows for targeted treatment of stiff muscles, swollen tissues, and pain. Ultrasound therapy isn't painful in any way, and most patients find that it brings them a feeling of deep relaxation.

What exercises can help in physical therapy?

During a chiropractic physical therapy program, Dr. Hui will create a specific exercise plan based on the patient. In this type of program, the goal is to stretch and strengthen the muscles to allow them to achieve optimal performance. Atrophied muscles and painful muscles will gradually return to full function again. Because a prescribed exercise program makes the whole body stronger, the chance of future injury or illness can be greatly reduced.

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