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Back pain is a major issue for many patients but it doesn't have to be that way. Richard T. Hui, DC, PC, a chiropractic care provider who specializes in non-invasive pain relief techniques, offers treatment types such as spinal manipulation, traction, and prescribed stretching exercises for patients in the New York City-area.

Back Pain Q&A

How common is back pain?

Back pain is the most common reason that people see the doctor today. Over 31 million Americans have back pain of some type. This problem has become so common that it often interferes with a person's ability to work, enjoy family time, or participate in social activities. If back pain isn't treated, it tends to worsen and can eventually result in disability.

Why do some people not get help for their back pain?

Many people hesitate to seek help for their back pain because they don't want to take potentially addictive medications or undergo high-risk surgical procedures. Chiropractic care can solve back pain without either of these because it's rooted in completely natural care methods. Chiropractic can be the ideal answer for people who haven't found success with other back pain treatments and for people who want to heal the natural way.

What is the cause of back pain?

The cause of back pain varies by person. Age-related disc degeneration is a frequent reason for back pain. Other disc problems, such as herniated discs, are also common causes of back pain. For some people, the back pain is the result of poor habits or poor health. Bad posture can eventually lead to serious back pain. People who are overweight have a higher risk of back pain because excess weight makes the spine move out of alignment.

How is back pain treated?

Dr. Hui takes a multi-pronged approach to back pain relief. Gentle spinal manipulation can correct spinal alignment problems and relieve much of the pain and pressure. Many patients also benefit from non-surgical spinal decompression, also known as traction. With this treatment, the spine is slowly separated using suction force before it's gradually moved back into a much-improved alignment. Most back pain patients are given prescribed exercises, including special types of stretching, to help them gradually strengthen the core muscles that support the back. This provides long term support and helps protect against pain and injury in the future.

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